Mz Bratt – Selecta (Crankshaft remix)

Yaaaowwww I recently remixed Mz Bratt‘s track “Selecta”. Available on SoundCloud as a free download and also on YouTube, check out the video below:

New track: Picante (refix) feat. Busy Signal

I recently remixed the Jamaican dancehall artiste Busy Signal’s 2009 track “Picante”.

I participated in the Assembly 2011 music competition (had other plans first…) with it, but (as I assumed) it didn’t quite work out for me — 9th position. :D

Anyway, go on and give it a listen here:

New track in Hitlantis: “Oh! A whoa!”

Well, not so new, this was already released at the ASSEMBLY 2010 music competition. This is a slightly fixed version, less bass-heavy so it doesn’t destroy your PA.

“King Thrill” has even posted a positive review, thanks!

Raptori – Oi Beibi (Crankshaft “Swear My Shaft rmx”)

I recently participated in a remix competition of the biggest cult hit “Oi Beibi” of a legendary Finnish rap band Raptori, who were mainly active in 1990-1991 and make a comeback every 10 years (2010 being their second comeback). I was selected as one of the Top 5 finalists. If you are on Facebook, you can listen to and vote (i.e., “LIKE”) my remix right here! Thank You. \o/

H.E.I.N.O.L.A. – Summer in the Wild

I created an industrial symphony kinda soundscape for the art exhibition opening of my friends Juha Fiilin and Elina Orpana. See the flyer to the right.

This is what lecool barcelona had to say:

Finnish expatriate artists and designers Elina Orpana and partner Juha Fiilin launch their first exhibit dedicated to Heinola, a lovely little Finnish town in the middle of nowhere, and Helsinki. In a 3 part expo: 1- Lago Melodías- with avant garde artist and Heinola native Mikko Karvonen, we see how lakeside ripples and cross-sectioned tree trunk lines are converted to sound in an otherwise soundless environment 2-“Amistad”- reflects on the Finnish national pastime of love and respect for nature and 3- “Hell Sin K”- an exposé on the darker side of Finnish nightlife in the capital, and it isn’t very pretty what a town without pity can do. It’s not all tree-hugging apparently. Yet another “le cool experience” to invite everybody you know. Be there or be square.

These are the photos used to generate the sounds:




And these are the resulting soundscapes:

H.E.I.N.O.L.A. ver 2
H.E.I.N.O.L.A. ver 2 (plain edit)

Lapin Kulta Lumisota (Snow War)

Music production for the Finnish beer brewery Lapin Kulta. They organized a snow war game during the Winter 2005 and were touring around Finland. This song of mine was used as background music for speaks etc. Check the funny TV commercial here.

Nextrom Wire fair stand

Produced an ambient soundscape for the videos projected at Nextrom‘s stand at the Wire 2002 fair in Düsseldorf. The videos are available on Mindworks’ archive site, sound included.

IDO Habitare 2001 fair stand

Produced an ambient soundscape for the videos projected at IDO’s stand at the Habitare 2001 fair in Helsinki. The videos are available on Mindworks’ archive site, sound included.