Me and Aleksi Ahjopalo created a compact online presence for Ylivoima-studio, which is a Helsinki-based recording studio helmed by Bommitommi et al. The studio is strongly focused on reggae music, producing such award-winning records as Jukka Poika: Kylmästä lämpimään and Raappana: Maapallo.


Viking’s Rasta Retreats

Me and Fthr Productions did a Website for my Rastafarian friend Viking. :) He is renting several rooms in his beautiful house in Jamaica’s rural south coast, Treasure Beach. The site is called Viking’s Rasta Retreats. If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend a relaxed, stress-free Christmas this year, then book your flights to JA and head to Viking’s! ;)

I’m going there in January, me thinks…

Oh and btw, Viking is the same guy who is singing in this track of mine! ::

Selassie I Rise by crankshaft

Actually, this is Viking’s song which I remixed. And that’s just a demo version, full versions of this song and several other JA-themed tracks are coming in the near future…

Hitlantis – Who’s next?

I could have blogged about Hitlantis already a year ago when I was involved in programming the first version of it. But better late than never!

For the past few months I’ve been working on the Flash client of Hitlantis again. Bug fixing, adding new features and slowly but surely optimizing the existing codebase. I admit it, the current version is still rather slow, but I feel confident that during the autumn we can sort out many of the performance issues.

So, what is Hitlantis? It’s a new Music Web Service, often dubbed “the Spotify of indie music”. You can use it as an end-user who’s looking for new, previously unreleased music or as an artist who’s promoting himself and selling his/hers/their songs on the Internet.

Do not hesitate to go check it out at Hitlantis.com! You can log in with Facebook connect if you don’t want to register yet, or even use the sneak peak mode, which is limited in features but gives you an overall idea of the service. Oh BTW: Flash Plug-in 10.1 recommended for smoothest operation!

I even created an artist page myself:


And here are some others I like:
Reds Wonder

SongHi — musical applications for the web and mobiles

SongHi Entertainment is a “Music 2.0 company making musical applications for the web and mobile platforms”. Early 2010 they released the first demo of their SongHi web service. Since then I’ve been consulting the company and project on several fronts, such as Flash/Flex development, audio DSP optimization and integration issues. The project bears many similarities to my old music startup Splice (which, by the way, continues living its own life under RemixGalaxy.com), so it’s kind of refreshing to revisit an old passion. ;)

Check out the SongHi Demo now!

Hours of War — Browser-based Massively Multiplayer War Strategy Game

I have been working at Sauma Technologies since 2008 as one of the lead developers of an ambitious project: a Flash-based massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) based on WW2, entitled Hours of War. The game is currently in open beta, so go check it out!

Mjölk final website released

There will be Mjölk. Whatever that means, you can try to figure it out HERE.

And we even made it to the Vuoden Huiput (the Finnish Best of the Year advertising competition) 2009 shortlist!


Made a small temporary Web site for MJÖLK, a new Finnish TV Ad Production Company. We’re currently working on the actual site, should be up and running in a month or so.

Check the site

Yatta Website released

Crankshaft produced the Website for Yatta Ltd. Check it out here!

The site is a clever mash-up of several Web 2.0 techniques, taking advantage of WordPress 2.5, Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript libraries, 24-bit alpha PNGs and some custom code. :)


After learning about the many difficulties with sound and Flash while working at SpliceMusic.com, I was contracted as a Flash audio consultant for Cloetta Fazer’s Tutti Frutti Naturals Website. Apart from some general tips and tricks, I also realized the server-side MP3 song mixdown in Java.

Client: White Sheep

NunnaUuniShop.com released

Crankshaft was commissioned to execute the technical production of the tailor-made retail store sites for NunnaUuni. The site uses AJAX techniques for fast page updates, a search engine for NunnaUuni products, and a back-end that supports several language versions and customized views for the retailers, where they can access and update only the data that’s relevant to their specific site.

Some example sites:


Client: Ozo / Knockout