This is the personal website / blog of Mikko Karvonen aka Crankshaft. I’m trying to keep track of all the projects and stuff I’ve been doing during the past 13+ years in the field of digital media, and when a 5-page CV didn’t feel like a good idea anymore I decided to create this space as my online reference list. And of course, my old site was already 8 years old (1999-2007).

I’ll try to keep adding references to my old and current projects on a monthly basis, so check back often!

Crankshaft is a Senior Software Consultant and a Music Producer. I am currently specialized in Flex/ActionScript 3.0, Audio DSP, Java, PHP, JavaScript/DHTML/AJAX/JSON/XML/HTML5/whatnot technologies, as well as in all kinds of projects requiring music and sound production. When the size of the project is beyond my scope, I work with my entourage of well experienced designers and specialists.

My passion for computers and music started in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the demoscene, where I was / still am better known as Yolk (of CNCD, Parallax and some other groups)… :)