RDX – Turn Up on SoundCloud

RDX – Turn Up

New dancehall single “Turn Up” produced by me and performed by the Jamaican hit factory known as RDX is now available for pre-order:


The full Hyperventilation riddim with 7-8 songs will soon forward!

“Black and White Lies” by One Studio Off

Our Assembly 2014 demo competition winning entry, with my music innit ::

Song also available for purchase:
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Xbox Music

Neil Amos: Addicted (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Video nicely produced by Zebracolor & co.

Neil Amos: Addicted on iTunes!


Neil Amos: Addicted [produced by Crankshaft & VG+]

Sundial Aeon: Wolfsberg (Crankshaft remix) now on SoundCloud

UPDATE: You can now also purchase this online on iTunes Store!

New “Wolfsberg” remix for Sundial Aeon

I’m happy to be selected as one of the remixers for Sundial Aeon‘s upcoming Wolfsberg album! It’ll be available on September 2012 and you can pre-order here.

Other remixers include e.g. my friend Lackluster. :)

An Amiga demo “Kioea” by MadWizards

In April 2012 a Polish demo group (with a Finnish programmer, ha!) MadWizards won the Amiga demo competition at the Revision party in Germany. They used my remix of Aural Planet’s “Hydropoetry Cathedra” as the demo’s soundtrack, which was nice. The track was produced back in 2003-2004 already, but hey who cares!

The demo and the soundtrack have been getting pretty rave reviews on Pouet.

Check out the demo below:

Mz Bratt – Selecta (Crankshaft remix)

Yaaaowwww I recently remixed Mz Bratt‘s track “Selecta”. Available on SoundCloud as a free download and also on YouTube, check out the video below: